More Musical Influences

Whatever you get out of a piece of music is a combination of what the artist/musician has put into it, as well as all the things that have coloured your life.

Because of my strong emotional attachment to music, there is rhythm and lyric to the lines in my works. For me, music often provides a creative foil when I paint. It can take me away and free me from the constant chatter in my head of daily details in life. Or place me in a very contemplative mood. I am always amazed at the various frames of mind musicians can convey … and every work brings on a wash of colour and images for me.

Because music has a great influence on my creativity, I have been involved with many projects that incorporate music … concerts, children’s shows, CD artwork. I have plans for many projects to come.

I offer below a small selection of music currently influencing me. This list is by no means conclusive or stationary. I’d like to note that I have many friends who play music, who create and write and tour (classical, new, jazz, contemporary, rock, indie) – and though their names may not be on this list at this time, they have all had major influences on me. I am ever in awe of their performances, their stage presence, their creativity, their music.

If there is a name you don’t know, I hope you enjoy them if you take a listen. If there is music you’d like to share, I am always open to learning about new bands. This list is in no particular order other than alphy: