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A Tree, for Donna

The original painting “A Tree, for Donna” is of a tree on the west coast of Canada. It was so full of graceful movement it appeared to be enjoying its own quiet, happy dance. It was painted in memory of my sister, who was also very happy and graceful and full of life. The accompanying Rachel Carson quote is exactly how I felt when I saw this tree.

Velveteen 18 x 18 square pillow

Image on both sides

Add some cozy luxury to your living space with a velveteen pillowcase, durable enough to handle daily life without losing its regal plushiness!

· Very soft to the touch,

· 100% polyester upholstery velveteen, 80 000 double rub count for durability,

· Printed with vibrant fade-resistant solvent-free inks,

· Finished with invisible YKK zipper closure in black,

· Quote: In Nature, Nothing Exists Alone,

· Image printed front and back (also available with dark back printing).

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