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Artist Lynne Huras

When I was a child, my mom would say “stop being such a Silly Goat”. The name kind of stuck.

Lynne, a graduate of the University of Toronto and Sheridan College, has painted landscapes from coast to coast in Canada.


Each painting begins as a sketch on site before the image is ready for canvas and paint. The intent is to evoke a sense of belonging and connectedness. Working from sketches the paintings evolve from the lines – where trees meet sky, roots meet rock, earth meets water.


Lynne has been awarded three public art pieces, exhibited in various Canadian cities, and has works in private collections around the world. She credits her love of trees to growing up in Stratford, Ontario where Upper Queen’s Park was her playground. For every painting sold she plants 10 trees with the Tree Era Company.


Artist Statement

“I’m not sure I’ve ever thought about being - or not being - an artist. I’ve just had pencil and paper in hand since I was 5. I grew up with a great park system in my backyard in Stratford, Ontario, this fostered my comfort in being outdoors and created a love and respect for nature, trees especially.


After art school in Toronto, I made it a mission to see my country from coast to coast. I have been growing my painting language ever since. Each painting starts as a sketch, outdoors and on-site, before taking to canvas in my studio. My painting colours tend toward a rich and earthy palette, with light elements lending a sense of wonder. If I can translate to others this sense of awe and peace that I find in nature, that is the reason I paint."

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