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Today, Cascade
Tote Bag

The original painting “A Tree, for Donna” is of a tree on the west coast of Canada. It was so full of graceful movement it appeared to be enjoying its own quiet, happy dance. It was painted in memory of my sister, who was also very happy and graceful and full of life. The accompanying Rachel Carson quote is exactly how I felt when I saw this tree.

Urban Tote, Lined

16 inches h x 13 inches w x 3 inches d

Whether you are heading to work or grabbing a few items at the store, this is a nice sized tote for everyday use:

  • Lined with navy 100% cotton sateen and includes inside pockets (one zippered),

  • 100% polyester textured canvas withstands everyday use while looking great,

  • Vibrantly printed,

  • Magnetic clip closure to keep everything locked in,

  • Vegan leather straps are black.

  • Care – handwash in cold water, hang to dry. Do not bleach.

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